How can the Staking Alliance improve governance on Solana?

One of the main goals of the Staking Alliance is to improve how new potentially-controversial features are added to Solana:

  • We should phase out “upgrade or die” pronouncements from Solana Labs.
  • The community should own potentially-controversial changes to the network.

There would be three stages to governance:

  1. An informal proposal or discussion is tabled on the Staking Alliance forum. “I’ve got this idea for this change to the network…” The Staking Alliance would be the forum for discoverability and discussion. At this stage, we build informal consensus that this is a Good Idea that we can (broadly) agree on.

  2. A formal Solana Improvement Document (SIMD) is written up and tabled in the proposed SIMD format. The SIMD moves through the lifecycle (idea → draft → review) as more feedback and improvements are gathered.

  3. When the proposal reaches a sufficient state of maturity, a stake-weighted governance vote on the SIMD is conducted on Realms DAO. At present, this vote would be non-binding, but in the future, the result of the vote could directly affect whether that new feature flag is added to the network.